701 Contextual Research

Week Two w/c 5th February 2018

Write a brief reflective account in your research journal that considers how interdisciplinary practice is already present in your practice. Consider how you think you might expand your practice through greater use of other disciplines, media and critical contexts.


Looking at what I currently do, my discipline is Landscape photography, pure and simple?

Well is photography itself a discipline?

In some ways, photography is ‘used’ by other disciplines to support their own practices, such a science for recording evidence, in research as a tool for gathering primary research.

John Tagg [1] argues that photography is a discursive system, rather than an object or unified technology. He claims that photography is ‘an array of practices’.

So in this instance what other practices or disciplines does my work cross?

My images are used as ‘Fine Art’, to hang on a wall, they are used to illustrate articles in books and magazines, as aids when I teach students about the basic techniques of photography. So by engaging more with some of the fields mentioned here, and others, I should be able to widen my own photographic practice.

Already I have been the subject of magazine article about me and my landscape work, can I court this a little more to expand my involvement and my audience. Can I engage more with journalism?

I have recently lost my exhibition space that I used for the last four years, so I need to find new ways to exhibit my work. There are surely new disciplines and methods to be explored here that can lead to different approaches within my own work, having to satisfy, potentially, a gallery owner or manager rather than pleasing myself as to how I ‘show’ my work.


[1] John Tagg, Grounds of Dispute: Art History, Cultural Politics and the Discursive Field (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1993)


Below – pages of research, handwritten during webinars, research sessions and reading

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